Unconventional Quilts by Shelly Burge
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© 2007 - Shelly Burge
Set Yourself Free                                             
Free form cut and pieced.
Machine pieced and machine quilted
Quilt by Shelly Burge
Quilt by Shelly Burge
Why Didn't the Chicken Cross the Road?  33 1/2" x 33 1/2"                      Artist's Collection
Commercial fabrics, fabric paints, 3-D pieces,
Shelly’s Confetti Appliqué © technique
Machine pieced, machine quilted
                                                  Pattern Available
Moove Over Andy Warhol    
48" x 48"                Donated to auction
Designed by Shelly.  Created by Shelly and her quilting friends; Dianne Thomas, Peg Pennell and Kellie Kachek.
Quilted by Colleen Noecker.
Hand Appliqued, Machine pieced, machine quilted
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