Quilt by Shelly Burge
Traditional Quilts by Shelly Burge
Quilt by Shelly Burge
Artist's Collection
53 1/2" X 67"             
String pieced house blocks
Machine pieced, machine quilted
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© 2007 - Shelly Burge
Donated to 2008 Heifer International Fundraiser
36" X 33 1/4"
Hand Dyed fabrics - Machine pieced, Machine quilted
Please contact Shelly if you are interested in more information on how to purchase a quilt
Quilt by Shelly Burge
Artist's Collection  
62" x 62"                      
Pineapple quilt blocks, Hand Dyed fabrics, Dutch batik fabric. Machine pieced, Machine quilted
Quilt by Shelly Burge
CHIMERA                                   For Sale
49" X 46"
Commercial Fabrics.  Hand quilted, machine pieced
TOY STITCHERS LOGO           Private Collection  
26" x 20"                           
Original design quilt for Toy Stitchers
Hand Appliqued, Machine pieced, Machine quilted
DELFT BLUE PINEAPPLE            Artist's Collection
34" X 34"                                
Original design Pineapple blocks made with Delft tile print fabric purchased in the Netherlands.
Machine pieced