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Shelly Burge toy Sewing Machine
Shelly's Red Featherweight
My 1933 Singer Featherweight was in poor condition before I had it repainted "Majestic Red Metallic"
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Shelly Burge toy sewing machine
PLANK toy machines are some of my favorites models, they have simple stencil designs
Shelly Burge toy sewing machine
SINGER toy sewing machines are probably the easiest to find but it is difficult to locate the rare colors and carrying cases
Shelly Burge toy sewing machine
I try to have my machines as complete as possible with the original boxes or cases, clamps and instructions sheets.  This little CASIGE is from Germany
Shelly Burge toy sewing machine

I think I have every color made of the AMERICAN GIRL toy sewing machines - but I could be wrong
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These LILIPUTIAN machines where not originally sold as toys, they were advertised as "the world's smallest sewing machine"