Quilt by Shelly Burge

Shelly Burge
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Quilt by Shelly Burge
26 feet 6 inches wide by 6 feet 3 inches tall
Collection of the International Quilt Study Center / University of Nebraska
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Quilt by Shelly Burge
Quilt by Shelly Burge
SHED A LITTLE LIGHT                ©1999
 78" x 73"                     Artist's Collection 
Tessellated quilt blocks with a string pieced border.  Machine pieced and machine quilted.
Quilt by Shelly Burge
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Shelly's quilt, SMALL THINGS MAKE A DIFFERENCE, was selected as one of the three winning entries in the Crafting a Better Planet Quilt Competition sponsored by Mountain Mist Batting and the International Quilt Museum. 


The quilt I created for the Nebraska Governor's Mansion Quilt Design competition is now on permanent display in the lower level of the mansion.

The quilt, MEADOWLARK DANCE was constructed with the help of my friends; Becky Haynes, Kellie Kachek, Ruth Kupfer, Peg Pennell, Karalene Smith, Dianne Thomas and Lois Wilson.  It was hand quilted by Merikay Berg.  The quilt will hang in the governor's mansion in Lincoln as a gift to the people of Nebraska from the Nebraska State Quilt Guild.

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